Project Description


Inner Peace, Home – TONG CHIAO

2015.10.17 – 2015.11.28

當代一畫廊 A Gallery




Chuang created three series in House and Universe based on his experience of living and working abroad – Simplicity, The Dream of Home, and Everything Breathes Again.

Eight pieces from the three series are chosen for his solo exhibition, Inner Peace, Home, which paints a vivid image of the coastal climates and open yards. This is a reflection of his life and work after returning to the north coast of Taiwan. It is also a continuation of the theme that he has been exploring since 2012.

This is an attempt to shed new lights over the expressive geometric lines through abstract and figurative expressions of personalized symbology. However, it differs from pure abstraction. It differs from the progression of over abstraction between the figurative and the abstract, and from semi-abstraction that wavers between likenesses. This is an attempt to express the non-linear dynamics with composition and color on a two-dimensional plane while leaving room for the fluidity of space, which is ambiguous and yet open, to reflect the images of house and universe he captures when he walks, bikes, drives or travels.