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尊彩藝術中心 LIANG Gallery


展期: 2013.04.06. Sat.~05.05. Sun.
開幕茶會: 2013.04.06. Sat. pm 3:00
深層意識中的想像與真實總是如影隨形、如影形隨,法國18世紀後期建築家勒杜 (Claude-Nicolas Ledoux 1736–1806)經常使用純幾何形式、樸實連續不斷的輪廓線,利用視覺來建造想像中的真實,加強建築物的龐大。藝術家也經常利用符號、記憶的片段,不著痕跡地出入想像與現實之間。「如影形隨」展期為4月6日(六)至5月5日(日),開幕茶會於4月6日(六)下午三點舉行,將展出王亮尹、賴易志、許常郁、游雅蘭、李政勳、羅喬綾、莊東橋共七位當代藝術家,邀您觀看他們以不同媒材來表述心中最真實的風景。 王亮尹描繪多種樣式的甜點,探討視覺上的美好和慾望之間密切不可分的關係。賴易志〈空白系列〉攝影作品,則溫和地將理性的聲音隔絕,帶領觀賞者進入靜謐的白色空間,給予另一種觀看靜物的體驗。許常郁、游雅蘭的作品,則反覆出現記憶中的森林祕境,將樹木、湖泊、動物包覆迷濛色彩,詩意悄悄漫延。而2010年曾獲得GEISAI TAIWAN佐藤可士和評審個人獎的李政勳,以時而完整、時而破碎的線條建構畫面,更嘗試以顏料堆起的構造介入畫面平衡,呈現多種層次的面貌。而羅喬綾的《彩色星球》則將經常出現的小女孩帶離了地球,準備展開一場冒險。 莊東橋帶來「家屋與天地」的三個系列,分別是〈素直Simplicité〉、〈家屋之夢Le rêve d’un logis〉以及〈萬物再度呼吸Tout respire ànouveau〉,期望透過繪畫裡簡約的形象,提供觀賞者一個通往家屋意象的指引:一個存有狀態的昇華、安全的避難所、做夢和回憶的場所,也洩露出藝術家亟欲回返心靈原鄉的強烈渴望。 在這愉悅的季節,邀您蒞臨「如影形隨」一展,看七位藝術家以獨有的修辭、語彙來抒發心中的想望,柔化了想像與現實的明確界線。

Duration: 2013/04/06 Sat. – 05/05 Sun.
Opening: 2013/04/06 Sat. 3:00pm
Exhibited artists: Wang Liang-Yin, Lai Yi-Chih, Hsu Chang-Yu, Yu Ya-Lan, Li Cheng-Hsun, Lo Chiao-Ling, Chuang Tong-Chiao

Late 18th century French architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806) often used pure geometric forms and simple contour lines. He used visual imagination to build reality, to strengthen large buildings. Ledoux also often used symbols, fragments of memory, and discrepancy between imagination and reality. Exhibition “The Following Shadow” will be opened to the public from Saturday 4th of April until Sunday 5th of May. Exhibited artists include: Wang Liang-Yin, Lai Yi-Chih, Hsu Chang-Yu, Yu Ya-Lan, Li Cheng-Hsun, Lo Chiao-Ling, and Chuang Tong-Chiao. We would like to invite you to admire realistic scenery depicted in various media forms.

Wang Liang-Yin in her works depicts a great variety of desserts, and discusses inextricably interlinked relationships between beauty and desire. Lai Yi-Chih’s photographic works named Blank Series lead the viewers into a quiet white space and bring up a different viewing experience. Hsu Chang-Yu and Yu Ya-Lan depict forests appearing from their memories where trees, lakes, and animals are covered in misty colors. Li Cheng-Hsun, a winner of the Kashiwa Satou Personal Award at Geisai Taiwan in 2010, composes his works from complete and broken lines, intervenes an image with a piled up pigment. A variety of levels are always dominant in his works. In Lo Chiao-Ling’s Colorful Planet a little girl who is ready to start her adventurous journey appears somewhere away from the Earth. Chuang Tong-Chiao uses minimalist images in his works Simplicité, Le rêve d’un logis, and Tout respire ànouveau. The viewers can discover a state of sublimation, safe asylum or a place for dreams and memories.

We would like to invite you to visit exhibition “The Following Shadow” during this joyful season. Seven artists, each with unique rhetoric and vocabulary, express their inner longings and desires.